• Welcome To The Somatics Coach

    “Would you like to calm your nervous system, restore you freedom of movement and move without pain?

    Have you tried everything to relieve the pain in your back, hip, shoulder, neck? Do you suffer from tension headaches, sciatica?
    Have you found short term relief but the effects don’t last and leave you frustrated when the pain returns?

    Have you tried Somatics movement?”

What is Somatics?

  • Relieves


    Chronic Muscle Pain & Tension

  • Transform


    Posture & Coordination

  • Cultivate



  • Manage


    Stress & Nervous System

  • Enhance


    Breathing & Well-Being

  • Restore


    Balance & Sleep Quality

  • Nurture


    Self-Care & Agency

Can It Help Me?

Somatics is a gentle movement practice that is suitable for all ages, you do not need to be flexible or fit to take part. 

By improving the connection between your brain and your muscles you can regain motor control of muscles and movement. Somatics can help chronic back pain, sciatica, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, scoliosis, plantar fasciitis and more…..

What Do I Need?

An exercise mat, comfortable warm clothing (layers or a blanket).

How can I try Somatics?

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What my clients say about me

“It’s like having a full body massage”

“I feel so completely relaxed”

“It’s like having a full nervous system reset”